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Sinter Plate Filter

1.product type

   The main products in addition to the normal temperature resistance, temperature 110 ℃ and 160 ℃ temperature, there are acid-resistant, explosion-proof, anti-static and anti-type hydrocarbon-series products.

2.characteristics of shape

   Integrally sintering, dimensions of 1047mm (length) × 63mm (thickness) × 1550mm (height). Its surface area of up to 9M2, equivalent to 12 GB JMC type dust bag surface area.

pk10计划人工 sinter plate filter series

pk10计划人工 3.performance characteristics

(1) ultra-high collection efficiency

    It is already in use plastic burning plate precipitator Baosteel, Anshan Iron and user point of view, in general, can be controlled in the exhaust gas dust concentration 5mg / m³ or less. In high concentrations in dust removal system, dust removal efficiency of 99.999%.

pk10计划人工 (2) long life

    The company is using different formulations and different raw materials for plastic plate burning different conditions of use, there are acid-resistant, alkali resistant type, anti-static, long service life. Baosteel use for 13 years has not been replaced, but also used for several years is still a mystery.

(3) good cleaning effect, the pressure is stable, stable resistance equipment

    Since the plastic surface of the plate through the depth of burn treatment, empty small uniform diameter, very smooth, thus the dust is extremely difficult to travel through and can maintain very good cleaning effect. Secondly, the resistance of the device is very stable, the pressure loss and the running time is almost unchanged

Resistance table (lime dust)

pk10计划人工 (4) having strong moisture resistance

pk10计划人工       Sinter plate filter specially formulated hydrophobic. From the actual situation, even if severe condensation in winter, the entrance of dust in the case of aqueous saturated water can be used normally.

(5) Small footprint

      Sinter plate filter precipitator bag filter footprint is only 1/3-1/6, and can be designed to reduce the area superimposed

Burning plastic plate precipitators and bag filter shape comparison

(6)Easy installation and maintenance

      Installation of replacement sinter plate filter is very easy, just open the filter access door and tighten the two bolts fastening sinter plate filter to complete a filter plate assembly. In daily production, almost without maintenance.

Quick and easy installation

pk10计划人工 The main purpose:

     The company's sinter plate filter has been widely used in metallurgy, tobacco, non-ferrous metals, chemicals, building materials, shipbuilding, food, and other major industries, particularly governance for a long time can not solve the dust problem, such as: acid, oil, containing alkali, water and other flue dust.

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