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Sinter Plate Filter Dust Catcher

JSS sinter plate filter is the company's high-tech products, the design chosen a unique wave-like burning plastic plate to replace the traditional bag filter element, since burning plastic plate is a rigid structure, not deformed, nor wear skeleton so long life, under some operating conditions, it is more than 10 times the life of the bag (used in Baosteel's first set of burning plastic plate precipitator has reached 13 years).

     Since the plastic surface of the plate through the depth of burn treatment, fine and uniform pore size, water-repellent, easy adhesion of dust high water content, so when dealing with a high water content and fiber dust JSS sinter plate filter is the best choice. Further, since the high-precision manufacturing process sinter plate filter to keep uniform micron pore size, so it can handle the high concentration of ultrafine dust and inlet concentration of dust bag filter is generally less than 20 g / m 3, while the JSS sinter plate filter precipitator inlet concentration up to 500 g / m 3. It simplifies two collecting as a collecting not only facilitate the process, but also reduce the cost of energy and reduce the area of space and piping.


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