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Pneumatic Conveying

This means the introduction of foreign advanced technology, millions of times above the level of imported original air knife valve assembly of imported components and electrical automation control systems. Set send bulk tank, gas distribution system, control system integration. As long as power, gas supply and pipelines can be used, which greatly facilitates the users and design units design selection.


pk10计划人工 A small amount of compressed air, low energy consumption.

Low feed speed, small material damage, wear is also low wall.

pk10计划人工 Hydrostatic transmission, and a small amount of air, it is easy to handle exhaust, greatly improved the working environment.

pk10计划人工 Convenient operation, automatic process control can also be operated manually.

Easy installation, power, gas supply, conveying pipe can be used.

The main purpose:

According to various process requirements of high efficiency, low energy consumption conveying powder pellets.

Various food granular powder: such as flour, soy flour, coffee and so on.

pk10计划人工 Chemical and pharmaceutical powder form: Ca (OH) 2, CaCO3, PVC and so on.

Building granular powder: cement, silica sand, quartz sand, glass and other ingredients.


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