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The company is the first manufacturing plastic burning plate precipitator of business entities.Since 1993, the first set of burning plastic dust collector since the advent of 1996 our company and producer, created the world's first set of dry method is used for treatment of water containing oil burning plastic plates of iron oxide dust filter. My company in the community's concern and support, for many enterprises to solve dust pollution problems. Since 1996, has been awarded the Shanghai high-tech enterprises, foreign-invested advanced technology enterprises, first national trust environmental protection a product Enterprise honorary title.
2001, this company from Japan introduced package plastic burn Board (sintering Board) production line, used full imports of plastic burn Board production raw materials and the accessories established has professional production quality, and efficient, and high life of plastic burn Board filter core factory, reduced sales cost, change has past plastic burn Board relies on imports sales of situation, and production, back Japan, is domestic exclusive used full imports production raw materials manufacturing production plastic burn Board filter core of manufacturers.
Our JSS plastic burning plate filter has been used in Baosteel, Anshan, Taiyuan steel, Wuhan iron and steel major steel mills, such as dozens of production lines and tobacco, nonferrous metallurgy, chemicals, food and other areas, high concentrations of dust Catcher system efficiency can be reached 99.999%.
The company's goal is "to further purify the Earth, further provide all the comforts of air environment." This goal we are all members of the company will continue to strive for excellence and dedicated to provide users with the design, selection, equipment manufacturing and installation packages.

Shanghai ICP preparation 16027559 Shanghai Shengde Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. Address:Room 5, Lane 600, Liuzhou Road, Shanghai,

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